BPSC English language Objective Questions for BPSC TRE | General English MCQ

BPSC English language Objective Questions | General English MCQ For BPSC TRE : बिहार सरकार के द्वारा इस वर्ष शिक्षक पात्रता की परीक्षा का आयोजन BPSC कर रही है | इस परीक्षा के BPSC Bihar Teacher Syllabus जारी कर दिए गए है | अगर आप Bihar Teacher Recruitment exam की तैयारी कर रहे है तो आपको 25 अंको की अंग्रेजी भाषा अनिवार्य कर दी गयी है |आप अपने Bihar Teacher Recruitment Exam 2023 में अच्छे मार्क लाने के लिए इस लेख को जरुर पढ़े| English grammar Mock Test से अच्छे अंक प्राप्त कर सकते है |शिक्षक पात्रता परीक्षा जैसे की – CTET, UPTET, HPTET, PSTET,BPSC TET ,MPTET ,etc में इससे सम्बंधित प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं |


अब BPSC के द्वारा जल्द ही बहाली निकाली जा रही है और आपका Bahali BPSC Teacher के रूप में किया जायेगा | आप हमारे अन्य लेख से GK & GS और Important Question Paper & Notes , Bihar special GK देखे सकते है और आप अपने BPSC Teacher exam में अच्छे मार्क प्राप्त कर सकते है |आप को यह English Mock Tests for All State Level Exams कैसा लगा यह आप कमेंट कर जरुर बाए और इसे अपने दोस्तों में जो भी All State Level Exams की तैयारी कर रहे है उनसे शेयर जरुर करे |

English Grammar MCQs Quiz

General English MCQ for BPSC TRE | BPSC English Notes

Direction   : Choose the best option which expresses the meaning of the underlined idiom/phrase in the given sentence.

Q. He was unable to account for the deficit in the firms bank balance.

(A) To give a satisfactory explanation
(B) Speak the truth about
(C) Maintain accounts properly
(D) To point out the balance sheet

उत्तर : – (A)

Direction (Q. NO. Q1-03): Choose the most appropriate option to complete the given sentences –

Q1. By July 2025, she ______ In this firm for eleven years.


(A) Will work
(B) will have been working
(C) Will be working
(D) Has been working

उत्तर : – (B)

Q2. We must provide ______ the bad days.

(A) against
(B) Upon
(C) Into
(D) Over

उत्तर : – (A)

Q3. Do as I say, ______ ?

(A) Didn’t you
(B) Won’t you
(C) Needn’t you
(D) Shan’t you

उत्तर : – (B)

Direction (Q. No. Q4-Q5) : Look at the underlined part of the given sentences. Below each sentence there are three possible substitutions for the underlined part. Select your option to improve the given sentence, Select (D) if any improvement is not possible.

Q4. The new bank clerk kicked off a row with a colleague.

(A) out a
(B) up a
(C) on to a
(D) no improvement

उत्तर : – (D)

Q5. You have come here with a view to insult me.

(A) to insulting me
(B) of insulting one
(C) for insulting me
(D) no improvement

उत्तर : – (A)

Direction   : Choose the best alternative to fill the blank in the given sentence.

Q. She hopes to become an engineer after she ______ her education.

(A) will complete
(B) had complete
(C) completed
(D) has completed

उत्तर : – (D)

Q. Select the mis-spelt word –

(A) Hospitality
(B) Impadiment
(C) Ostrichy
(D) Penitence

उत्तर : – (B)

Direction   : Choose the best alternative to complete the sentence given below –

Q. Please tell me

(A) where is the bus stop.
(B) where stops the bus.
(C) where the bus stop be.
(D) where the bus stop is.

उत्तर : – (D)

Q. Name the adjective in the underlined part of the following sentence –

Those rascals must be punished.

(A) Demonstrative adjective
(B) Emphasizing adjective
(C) Exclamatory adjective
(D) Distributive adjective

उत्तर : – (A)

यह भी पढिये –

Direction : Choose the word which has most nearly the same meaning as the word given in a capital letters –


(A) a summary
(B) to reveal
(C) a report of the work done
(D) a review

उत्तर : – (A)

Direction : Choose the word which has the nearest opposite meaning of the underlined part of the given sentence.

Q. He yielded to temptation,

(A) resisted
(B) succumbed
(C) rescinded
(D) skirted

उत्तर : – (A)

Q. The science of words and language is known as

(A) Philology
(B) Paleontology
(C) Bibliography
(D) Entomology

उत्तर : – (A)

Q. A statement that can have a double meaning is –

(A) Verbose
(B) Ambivalent
(C) Epigraph
(D) Ambiguous

उत्तर : – (D)

Direction (Q. No. Q6 to Q9): Read the passage given below and उत्तर : the questions that follow by selecting the most appropriate option

Regular Physical activity provides health benefits-from leaner bodies and lower blood pressure to improved mental health and cognitive functioning. At the school, physical school education programme promotes physical activity and can teach skills as well as form or change behaviour, it holds an important key to influencing health and well being across the life span. To improve the fitness of students, we need to rethink the design and delivery of school based physical education programme.


Adults in the United States think that information about health is more important for students to learn the content in language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History or any other subjects. Despite this high ranking, most schools devote minimal curriculum time to teaching students how to lead healthy lives. Our first step might be to consider ways to increase curriculum time devoted to physical education. In addition, schools need to thoughtfully analyse the design and delivery of school physical education programme to ensure that they are engaging, developmentally appropriate, inclusive and instructionally powerful.

Q6. According to this passage regular physical activity is needed to –

(A) Control one’s blood pressure
(B) Lose one’s weight
(C) Improve one’s cognitive skills
(D) Improve one’s physical as well as mental health

उत्तर : – (D)

Q7. In order to tone up the physical education programme

(A) It should be made compulsory at school.
(B) The programme should be reoriented and implemented.
(C) An assessment of the existing programme should be made
(D) A committee should be set up in every school.

उत्तर : – (B)

Q8. According to Americans, health education is more important than teaching –

(A) any subjects
(B) social sciences
(C) liberal arts
(D) natural science

उत्तर : – (A)

Q9. The author wants the reoriented physical education programme to be

(A) given minimal curriculum time
(B) very comprehensive
(C) thoughtful
(D) relevant to the modern society

उत्तर : – (C)

Direction (Q. No. Q10 to Q13): Read the passage given below and उत्तर : the questions that follow, by selecting the most appropriate option –

We, who live in the present-day world, are proud to call ourselves civilized. It is because we live and dress better than our forefathers. Of course, we have the advantages of the inventions of modern science which our ancestors had never known. But let’s search our hearts and ask ourselves, “Has science solved our problems?” Frankly speaking, the उत्तर : is, “No”. In fact, science has added to our worries. Perhaps, now we can kill more easily and swiftly than ever before. And then, we have not given up the old habit of fighting. That is why we have wars after a decade or two. If we wish to be really civilized, let’s learn to live in peace. Let’s achieve brotherhood of man.

Q10. Why do we call ourselves civilized?

(A) because we have better formal education.
(B) because we have advanced means of communication.
(C) because we feel that we live and wear better clothes than our La forefathers.
(D) because we have all modern facilities to enjoy life.

उत्तर : – (C)

Q11. A man can truly become civilized

(A) By winning wars against our enemy countries.
(B) By teaching our students as how to fight their enemies.
(C). By reducing the armed force personnel.
(D) By giving up the old habit of fighting to restore peace in life.

उत्तर : – (D)

Q12. Give correct synonym to the word ‘Ancestors’ –


(A) frontrunners
(B) people living in our neighbourhood
(C) forefathers
(D) aboriginals

उत्तर : – (C)

Q13. Why does the author say “Now we can kill more easily and swiftly than even before”.

(A) because science has invented advanced lethal weapons.
(B) because science has invented advanced satellites.
(C) because we have given up the habit of fighting each other.
(D) because we have better medical facilities.

उत्तर : – (A)

Q. Taxonomy of educational objectives is related to

(A) Cognitive domain
(B) Affective domain
(C) Psychomotor domain
(D) All of the above

उत्तर : – (D)

Q. The structural approach co-relates

(A) Grammar and skills
(B) Grammar and composition
(C) Grammar and poetry
(D) None of the above

उत्तर : – (B)

Q. National Education Policy 2020 has recommended to give the exposure of other languages to the students from

(A) early childhood education
(B) grade Ist
(C) grade/class 3rd
(D) grade/class 6th

उत्तर : – (C)

Q. The listening is the function of –

(A) visual sense
(B) lingual sense
(C) audio sense
(D) reasoning competency

उत्तर : – (C)

Q. Teaching aids are used for –

(A) making lesson interesting.
(B) effective presentation.
(C) making students involved in learning.
(D) All of the above

उत्तर : – (D)

Q. What should be the order for the process of remedial teaching

1. Collecting and preparing the support materials
2. Adapting the curriculum
3. Choosing the appropriate teaching strategies
4. Organizing teaching materials
5. Setting teaching objectives
(A) 5, 2, 4, 3, 1
(B) 5, 3, 4, 1, 2
(C) 3, 5, 4, 2, 1
(D) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

उत्तर : – (A)

Direction (Q.No. Q14-Q15): Read the following sentences to find whether there is any error in any part of it –



(A) He acted not /
(B) as per my advice /
(C) but somebody else. /
(D) no error

उत्तर : – (C)


(A) I liked that opportune moment/
(B) where the workers proved themselves/
(C) and came out victorious. /
(D) no error

उत्तर : – (B)

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