CTET English Language MCQ 2024

CTET English Language MCQ 2024 : CTET Exam 2024 was conducted by the CBSE in offline mode on OMR Sheet Based . CTET question paper is based on the latest exam. Here you can read new question this question asked in CTET exam. You can achieve success in any competitive examination by strengthening your preparation in English. For example, questions related to this are asked in CTET, UPTET, HPTET, PSTET, BPSC TET, MPTET, etc. Read this CTET English question and if you preparation for other TET exam .


Here Candidates can also read English question paper here. And if you want to read other subject question for CTET you go homepage and find post.Question Papers for Teacher Eligibility Test English have been provided with solutions which will help students to assess their performance . CTET English pedagogy questions are asked in all state TET exams. Here You will see CTET English Language MCQ 2024 questions and answers in this post.

ENGLISH-pedagogy online test for ctet 2024
ENGLISH-pedagogy online test for ctet 2024

Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions (Q. Nos. E1 – E8) that follow by selecting the correct/most appropriate options :
The richness of her childhood experience came from living a life, which embraced tradition on one hand and exposure to the world of change, of questioning and questioning on the other. Her father’s progressive ideas, his involvement in bringing about change in the restricted Brahmanical society, his encouragement of Kamaladevi to follow her own inclinations and yet give her an opportunity to study in a school and participate in all the social functions with which he was involved, as a Senior Revenue Official, gave her confidence. The example of her grandmother, who lived the life of a scholar and fearless woman, who traveled alone without any fear of any social disapproval or adverse consequences, was a fitting example to Kamaladevi, who later traveled all over the world, often risking her life.
Girjabai, her mother was a dominant influence throughout her childhood and youth who set an example by overcoming all difficulties without a murmur. She discarded meaningless social customs and observances. She championed the cause of women. Her conviction was that a woman must educate herself so that she could be independent and her insistence that Kamaladevi should not only study but also participate in cultural activities and sports, enriched her daughter’s life.
Kamaladevi went with her mother to Seva Sadan and saw her exhorting women even older than her to become literate. She heard her read to them from the newspapers, magazines, and extracts from books by social reformers and nationalists, followed by discussions and saw their attitudes changing. Girjabai’s love for music was shared by Kamaladevi and she was encouraged to learn North Indian and Carnatic music. This love of music was a great source of peace for Kamaladevi in her later years.
E1. ‘which embraced tradition The word ’embraced here means

A. pleased
B. followed
C. disused
D. performed

Answer :- B
E2. ‘an example by overcoming all difficulties’ The word ‘overcoming means

A. conquering
B. overbearing
C. reaching
D. not coming

Answer :- A
E3. ‘living a life, which embraced tradition, Which part of speech is the underlined word?

A. Pronoun
B. Determiner
C. Adjective
D. Adverb

Answer :- A
E4. Who two contradictory kinds of science did Kamaladevi have in her childhood?


A. Childlike and Adult
B. Social and Individual
C. Questioning and Questing
C. Tradition and Change

Answer :- C
E5. Her father did not believe in

A. allowing children to join the adults in their activities
B. female education
C. removing brahminical restrictions
D. giving freedom to children

Answer :- D
E6. Which of the following statements is NOT correct of her grandmother?

A. She was not afraid of social criticism.
B. She traveled unescorted.
C. She believed that women should lead a secure life.
D. She loved to read books.

Answer :- C
E7. Which of the following statements is correct about her mother?

A. She preferred studies to sports.
B. She did not believe in adult literacy.
C. She struggled through life smilingly.
D. She observed faithfully all the social customs

Answer :- C
E8. Study the following statements :

A. Kamaladevi’s mother read to her from newspapers and magazines.
B. Music was a source of great comfort to her.

A. Both A and B are right.
B. Both A and B are wrong.
C.. A is right and B is wrong.
D. A is wrong and B is right.

Answer :- A

Q. The writer implies that animals are

(A) treated cruelly by human beings
(B) usually given due protection
(C) ignored altogether
(D) often subject to mistreatment

Answer − D

Q. Identify the correct statement.

(A) Animals often pose a danger to people
(B) People tend to forget to celebrate Animal Day
(C) Animal Day reminds us to care for other species
(D) The new website was started by the writer

Answer − C

Q. The expression : ‘a sense of wonder’ means

(A) a critical reaction
(B) a sympathetic attitude
(C) an emotional response
(D) a deep understanding

Answer − C

Q. A closest synonym for the word ‘sensitivity here is

(A) passivity
(B) affection
(C) awareness
(D) tolerance

Answer − C

Q. The antonym of the word ‘initiate

(A) enterprise
(B) idleness
(C) indifference
(D) advance

Answer − C

Q. A word in the essay that means ‘impetus’ is

(A) trend
(B) catalyst
(C) reality
(D) welfare

Answer − B

Q. The best way to lose weight is to


(A) take weight-reducing pills
(B) exercise at least twice a day
(C) drink plenty of water
(D) eat less starchy food

Answer − C

Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.
Q. Skilled reading is

(A) Progressive
(B) Deliberate
(C) Constructive
(D) Imaginative

Answer − C

Q.2. Of the following, which one is the most important prerequisite for language learning, whether first or second?

(A) A structural-situational approach
(B) Skills-based instruction
(C) A multilingual approach
(D) An input-rich communicational environment

Answer − D

Q. A Hindi-speaking teacher gets posted in a primary school which is situated in a remote area of Rajasthan. Since she doesn’t know the local language, she faces lots of problems. She should

(A) try to get a posting to a Hindi-speaking area
(B) focus on the textbook as a source of standard Hindi
(C) use the child’s language as a resource while teaching
(D) encourage the community to learn standard Hindi

Answer − C

Q. While teaching children to read, at which point should the teacher focus on comprehension?

(A) When children reach class II
(B) After children have learned how to decode
(C) Right from the beginning
(D) Once children have mastered phonics

Answer − C

Q. When we arc dehydrated, we think we

(A) want to vomit
(B) are tired
(C) need food
(D) are about to collapse

Answer − B

Q. The word ‘irritated’ most nearly means


(A) troubled
(B) uneasy
(C) frustrated
(D) annoyed

Answer − B

Q. The word which is opposite in meaning to assistance is

(A) resistance
(B) persistence
(C) existence
(D) fragrance

Answer − A

Q. A primary teacher should introduce reading through

(A) stories
(B) picture books
(C) alphabet books only
(D) phonic teaching

Answer − B

Q. Choose the correct spelling

(A) Doesnt’
(B) Dosent
(C) Doesn’t
(D) Does’nt

Answer − C

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